People Problem Cost Calculator

Calculate the cost of People Problems to your Organisation

The cost of disengaged people in the workplace is huge. Relationship breakdown and dysfunctional conflict contribute to one of the largest hidden costs in every organisation. Use the People Problem Cost Calculator to help gauge the financial impact on your business. The calculations are based on research data and 230 working days a year (source). If these figures don’t accurately reflect organisation’s situation, adjust the parameters marked with a * to recalculate the result.

Please note, this is just the financial cost. The true cost will include wasted time, higher staff turnover, missed opportunities, absenteeism, inefficiency, low morale, stress, health problems and poor teamwork.

Disengaged People in the Workplace

The business case for BP2W

The following example uses the BP2W People Problem Cost Calculator to work out the potential cost of people problems in an organisation of 130 people.

  • 10 managers on an average of £45k per year
  • 120 employees on an average of £32k a year
  • 3x disciplinaries
  • 3x grievance cases

Total potential cost to the business = £325,596 a year

Cost of 130 BP2W licences = £5,460 a year

Potential Savings with BP2W